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Australian Commodity Research Institute

The Institute encompasses a wide range of commodity markets extending from energy, food, fibre, metals, gold, and capital markets, with several aims:

·       to further the advancement and knowledge of commodity markets

·       to encourage the development of commercial forward markets

·       to develop warehouse markets which have carry transparency

·      to increase market efficiency that provides unambiguous signals





This training program in its 31st year is designed for both sellers and buyers of agricultural commodities wanting a better understanding of commodity markets, forward commercial trade markets, supply chain risk, futures-options markets, and risk management. It is highly recommended for producers, merchants, end-users, financial managers, and professional traders needing to make buying and selling decisions. The program progresses in sequence from an elementary to competency level, and focuses on analyses, management, and tactical decision making. The course can be accredited for accountants.

The facilitator is Dr John Williams, author of Agricultural Supply Chains and the Challenge of Price Risk (2014) and Agricultural Price Risk Management - The Principles of Commodity Trading (1999).

Course registration is open for you now.  

Phone +61 428 260549 for more details. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Textbook: Williams, John, 2012, Competition & Efficiency in International Food Supply Chains: Improving Food Security, Routledge, UK.

‘I was rather thrilled by the fact that someone who works on food security would cite Ludwig von Mises and take a historical perspective on the topic.Pierre Desrochers, Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Toronto.

‘The book was easy reading with good historical background to agricultural supply chains over the last 100 years, and it explains why many have failed.Phillip Wilsdon, wheat grower, South Australia.

‘Your book is the first and only ‘ text’ book that I have ever been guilty of reading in my life and it has been a joy.Leon Bradley, wheat grower, Western Australia.

Training programs in commodity markets, pricing, and supply chains:

·      The best week’s education that I have done, especially considering that I have completed 1.5 Masters Degrees and an advanced business management program. Robert Ford, Murray Goulburn Trading, Melbourne.

·     The course covered valuable information for a commodity trader and delivered it in an easy to understand manner. John was very knowledgeable on all the material and answered questions thoroughly.Ryan Delany, Ecom Coffee, Bangalore, India.

·        Very good! I learnt a lot which helped me to develop my skills and understand the markets and products.Richard Avery, GrainAssist, Como, WA

·        Excellent development curve into other areas of risk management aside from futures and options. Nick Pattison, Interfood Dairy, Melbourne.

·       Good broad overview of commodity markets, excellent simulation trading, and enjoyed the guest speakers. Hannah Wheaton, Ecom Cocoa, Madang, PNG.

·    Course was well designed and structured and provided really useful tools and strategies. Shannon Pace, Mackay Sugar, Mackay, Queensland

·         Excellent, very interesting and challenging. Bernie Woollard, Tandou, Mildura, Victoria.

·         I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I would recommend it to anyone that works in the food and agricultural buying or selling areas. Craig Enever, Simplot, Melbourne.

·       Very thorough course that covered the basics and more advanced techniques. The guest speakers were highly relevant and knowledgeable. Richard McGuire, Sucrogen, Townsville.

·         The course was well worthwhile and will help to implement procedures to make our enterprises more productive. Luke Walker, grain merchant, Jerilderie, NSW.

·         The course content was very comprehensive, well delivered, and enhanced by professional industry traders and experts. Simulations were very useful for consolidating the learning. Tom Wisdom, CBA, Perth, WA.

·         Positive – good for senior management to get a better understanding in an area which affects the bottom line. Ashley Palmer, Alba Edible Oils, WA.

·         The course gave me a greater understanding of commodity markets and purchasing strategies. Aaron Kendrick, Nestle, Sydney.

·         Very practical and much needed by farmers. The best textbook on marketing that I have seen. David Gleeson, grain and wool grower, Walgett, NSW.

·         Material was well presented, interesting, and very informative. The format suited individuals with different experience and knowledge base. Haydn Friend, Ecom Cocoa, Madang, PNG.

·         Very intense and thorough with interesting speakers. Very well executed with a wealth of knowledge. Yolande Black, Clonbrogan Farming Co., Goondiwindi, Queensland.

·         Excellent content, with a suite of tools that can be used to gain from a price opportunity. Ben Hill, Mars Snackfoods, Ballarat, Victoria

·         Very insightful with great presentations from diverse industry professionals. Peter Cobb, Laucke Flour Mills, Bridgewater, Victoria.

·         Very thorough, great interesting links, interesting guest speakers. Professionally run and presented. Guy Wilson, Bennett and Sons, coffee merchants, Kew, Victoria.

·         A very thorough course. Covered both the basic introduction and developed strategies to put into action. Bryce Camm, grain grower, Bowenville, Queensland.

·         Very informative with a great cross- section of guest speakers on varying topics. A well constructed format. Sean Joyce, Nestle Oceania, Sydney, NSW.

·         Good coverage of theoretical and practical measures to assess and manage risk.Bernie Byrnes, Twynam Operations, Forbes, NSW.

·         Well presented and organized. Very professional with excellent speakers and presenters.Richard Grigor, Goodman Fielder, Christchurch, New Zealand.