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Closing prices 29th November 2017 - ICE Dec 2017 USD Index 93.12 - 0.005 NYMEX Jan 2018 crude oil WTI US$57.42/barrel - 0.57 COMEX Feb. 2018 gold US$1287.20/oz - 12 CME Mar. 2018 soft wheat US 434.75 c/bushel + 5.5 CME Dec.2017 AUD/USD 0.7576 - 0.0019
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Australian Commodity Research Institute

The Institute encompasses a wide range of commodity markets extending from energy, food, fibre, metals, gold, and capital markets, with several aims:

·       to further the advancement and knowledge of commodity markets

·       to encourage the development of commercial forward markets

·       to develop warehouse markets which have carry transparency

·      to increase market efficiency that provides unambiguous signals

Food and Fibre Supply Chain Institute 

This ancillary specialist Institute aims to:

·       improve the efficiency and competition within food and fibre supply chains

·       encourage competition and efficiency through less government regulation

·       develop greater flexibility in workplace relationships and agreements

·       stimulate transport infrastructural investment to improve logistics

·       enhance greater innovation in products and supply chains

·       increase international competitiveness and new ideas

·       drive export and regional trade growth

·       ensure safer food products